Catching up … finishing out 250 beers

Sorry for the hiatus on the blog update.  You may have noticed the one I just posted on top places to drink beer.  This is to complete my 180 beers in 180 days effort.  I decided to extend it to 250 beers in 250 days.  If you have been following the blog, you will note that I stopped at 243.  However, I did finish out to 250.  Here are the last 7 beers (for your viewing edification)!

244. (4 Jul 10) Orion Draft Beer – We had this at our local sushi place.  We stopped here for lunch on the 4th.  Nice to have a Japanese beer on our National Holiday! Ha.  It wasn’t very good … but it quenched my thirst!

245. (5 Jul 10) Rolling Rock – Two mediocre beer days in a row.  I can’t remember now why I had to have this beer on this day … I think it was the best available selection. Sad. I know.

246. (6 Jul 10) Chatoe Rogue – Ok, now, here we go!  The beers are getting better again.  This one was simply a treat–I always like to see the efforts brewers make in using the freshest hops — this beer is a solid drinker.

247. (7 Jul 10) Heavy Seas Mutiny Fleet Rye Porter.  This beer, too, was a very nice drinker. Two dark beers in a row, two nice beers in a row (you can see my early season hops drying in the container).  I really liked this beer … no real style but excellent none-the-less.

248. (8 Jul 10) James’ Imperial Walker IPA.  No rating on this baby!  I made this imperial IPA (post coming soon) out of my own hops.  9.1% ABV — can’t really tell what the profile is.  But it is good if I do say so myself! LOL!

249. (9 Jul 10) 21st Amendment IPA.  These can beers just strike me as strange.  I picked up several cans for our Tubing of the Shenandoah expedition on 17 July.  Of course, I couldn’ t wait.  I’m glad I didn’t.  This is a very nice IPA.

250. (10 Jul 10) Gubna Imperial IPA.  Yep.  Couldn’t wait again.  Had another can of beer.  But I thought it would be a good idea to finish out my 25o straight beers with an Imperial IPA.  This one worked out great.  Nice balance, good finish.  Worth the effort to find and drink!


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