All About Beer Top 125 Places to Drink Beer

On May 1st, 2008, All About Beer published their list of the Top 125 Places to Drink Beer.  They recently updated this list by publishing the 150 Great Bars list.  Most people would consider both of these lists controversial because … well … because that’s what lists do — start controversies … especially on a topic as subjective as the best places to drink beer.  I’ve taken two different approaches to this list.  First, I’m building my own list of the “Top 50 Places I’ve Drank Beer.”  I will be posting that list soon.  Secondly, I’m working down the original All About Beer List because, that too, is what I do.  If I see a list, I see that list as a challenge!  I will caveat my work on this list by stating that I think it is valid to substitute a venue when it’s about a location/event (e.g., drinking on the Green Monster at Fenway.  I will substitute Camden Yards).  So, without further ado, here is my status on this list so far!

Goal: To have 25/125 by the end of this year.  Current Status 17/125 places.

1 (1). Great American Beer Fest.  I admit–this is the best place to drink beer in the world.

2 (2). Grand Place.  Not really number two on my list–but nice!

5 (3). Oktoberfest.  Been there, done that.

7 (4). Abbaye de Notre-Dame d’Orval.  My favorite beer of all time.  The location is awesome!

11 (5). Hofbrauhaus.  Excellent — but not my favorite Beer Haus in Germany.

16 (6). Seats behind Homeplate at Camden Yards.  Wow!  The only way I like to watch baseball.  (Oh, I also was at the Brewers Stadium when Bonds was chasing the record.  And I have to say the Ballpark at Arlington is also wonderful…)  Funny, I don’t really like baseball.  But they have a nice selection of Craft Beer in the Orioles stadium.

19 (7). The Beer Tent at the Glengarry Highland Games … Maxville, Ontario.  North American Bagpipe Championships.  Horses, schmorses.  Not really a horse race fan … so I picked another style competition! Even better if you’re celebrating a 2nd place with your band.

26 (8). French Quarter … I’m cheating on this one–I was there during St Paddy’s Day … not Mardi Gras–but still a wild party … as New Orleans usually is (but, to be honest, this really isn’t a beer drinking city …)

31 (9). Private Suite at the Redskins Stadium watching the Dallas Cowboys beat the ‘skins.

44 (10). Tailgating.  I know an SEC game tailgate party is something else, but if you never tailgated at an IFL Game (Frankfurt Galaxy) in Europe you missed out!

57 (11). Andechs Monastery.  Definitely a tourist destination, but worth the trip!

66 (12).  Delerium Cafe.  This place should be a lot higher on the list!

80 (13). Le Bier Circus.  It was a serious Circus!

82 (14). Irseer klosterbrauerei.  If you have the option, I’d pick this one over Andechs.

97 (15). Clark’s Ale House.  They aren’t kidding!  Their Roast Beef sandwiches are amazing!

103 (16).  Kelly’s Caribbean Bar.  Yeah, I can’t really remember this one! 🙂

121 (17). Old Ebbitt Grill.  Yep–this one is very nice … right across from the Treasury Building in DC.

I’ve got 8 left to go this year … planning on them being: 12 (18). Brickskeller (easy), 14. (19)  The Market Porter (maybe, hard), 15. (20) Cat’s Eye Pub (easy), 25. (21) World Beer Festival (medium), 30. (22) The Olde Mitre Tavern (hard), 45. (23) Selin’s Grove Brewing (medium),  71. (24) Brewer’s Art (easy), 76. (25) City Tavern (medium), 91. (26) Dogfish Head Ale House (medium), 114. (27) The Dubliner (easy).

We’ll see how these go!  It’s all in the effort, isn’t it?

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