Southern Tier: Hoppe!

I cracked open a 22 oz’er tonight.  I was out riding my Gary Fisher 2008 hi-fi Pro … it was beautiful weather, the trails were nice, and I rode like I meant it tonight!  I love a great ride!

To celebrate, I decided to crack open one of my favorite brewery’s beers: the Hoppe.

As I’ve said before, these Southern Tier guys are really making fantastic beers — and this one is no exception.  They call it an Extra Pale Ale … but you can’t fool me — this is definitely an East Coast IPA … the nose is straight up malts; I can barely get a hint of hops.  However, the taste is a very nice balance … you get the malt initially and then the hops come through in the finish.  It is subtle, but superb.  I really like this beer.

Beer Mentor

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