I was once a Sasquatch …

When I was growing up, my feet were growing faster than my height … so I had that Sasquatch effect… the Bigfoot.  In honor of that memory (since I was hanging out by myself tonight) I broke out the GDBC Yeti.  The Yeti is also a Sasquatch.

The Yeti is also a Chocolate Oak-aged Imperial Stout and yes it was chocolaty!  Again, the aroma was right on … the flavor wonderful, and I savored it for a good 1/2 hour.  This was a sippin’ beer.  When it warmed up, the flavor and aroma got even better.  I could recommend drinking this brew around 55 degrees and it would still be very pleasant.

You should see two things in the picture of me drinking this beer … 1) the chocolate all over the sides of the glass, and 2) the Bigfoot standing behind me … see him?  You can tell by my eyes that he spooked me…

Beer Mentor

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