Transferring Imperial Walker IPA to Secondary

Found the time this afternoon to transfer my beer from primary fermentation to secondary.    If you recall, my Original Gravity was 1.081 corrected.  When I transferred it to secondary, the gravity was 1.029 corrected.  So, according to my calculation (via it is sitting at 6.9% ABV right now … I’d like for it to go up a little higher (over 7% would be sweet) but I think the yeast is really stressed.  The higher Final Gravity might make it more of an east coast IPA with a good malt balance.  When I tasted it, I definitely got plenty of hops in the mouth.  I added my 1 oz of Cascade for dry hopping — I’ll probably leave it in secondary for two more weeks and then keg it!  Yes!  It should be good …

1) Here it is waiting for transfer to secondary.  When I popped off the top, you can tell that it was really active — thank goodness for extra room in this bucket!

2) Here’s the next bucket being prepped for secondary.  Since I’m dry hopping, I decided to use a bag to hold the hops and am using a secondary bucket instead of my normal carboy.

3) Here are the hops as I prepare them for secondary fermentation.  I decided to go ahead and dunk them in my sanitation solution on the off chance there might be some wild yeast floating around — oh, and here’s also a picture of some sweet lupulin I lost … darn it.

4) Finally, since I had the time and desire, I decided to capture a few vials of yeast (1056 American Ale) to try and save myself some money.  We’ll see if the alcohol content was too high and suffocated all the remaining yeast.

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