NoVa Brew Fest and Hair Raid!

Two big events for the Beer Mentor today.

#1)  NorthernVirginia Summer Brewfest near Leesburg.  The nicest thing about this fest is that I won my tickets at On Tap magazine. If you are in the DC area, you should click on the On Tap link and peruse their site.  They have listings for all kinds of events, etc.  It’s a great website.

Now about the Brewfest.   Let me just say that my views are a little jaded due to my attendance at both the GABF and Savor.  These events are a single purchase price ticket, one tasting glass, and all the beer you care to taste in about a 4 hour period–with close proximity to public transportation to get you home safely.

This festival had your entry ticket with four “drink tickets” and a 4 oz sampling glass.  Basically you were paying $20 to get in and drink a pint of beer.  You could purchase additional sampling tickets for $1 each.  Oh, and this festival was out in the boondocks, so unless you had a definite designated driver, the four tickets were about all you were going to drink.   This festival had a nice variety of breweries (from all over the US–approx 50 of them) and each brewery served (usually) 2 beers.   In all honesty, I liked this festival but it didn’t rock my world–next time I’ll bring a designated driver!   Oh, but I was there with some great friends and I had my beer for the day: Mad Fox’s Franconian Kellerbier.  This is a brand new brewery in Virginia and they will be making German-style beers.  I enjoy the Keller bier style and this one was quite tasty.  Can’t wait to visit their brewery/pub.

#2) Hair Raid concert at the Tortoise and Hare pub (Crystal City).  I had the opportunity to join this “80’s Hair Band” for a song on stage.  They were a blast!  If you get a chance to go to one of their shows take advantage of it!  You might even see me there …

This was my second big event for the day … let’s let the pictures speak for themselves …

Beer Mentor

3 thoughts on “NoVa Brew Fest and Hair Raid!

  1. Thanks for that call out. FYI, the beer we had on was an American Pale Ale served zwickelbier style. We’ll definitely make a Kellerbier eventually, but lagers take longer and our first long-aged beer will be a Kolsch.

    Cheers, Rick

  2. Dang — and you would have thought the beer mentor would have remembered you telling him that … even after I drank a few more brews … thanks for the correction and I look forward to drinking more of that one!

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