Halifax, Day 2 … my 220th different Beer!

Today we covered The Old Triangle, Maxwell’s Plum, and The Loose Cannon.

In order, these are: An Irish Pub, an English Pub, and a Scottish Pub.  Kind of funny, but we ran the gamut today.

First, the Old Triangle was our lunch time destination … and we hung out through the traditional music session.  Pretty low key, nice music, and a nice selection of beers.  I settled on the Rickard’s Red Ale … basically a Molson Canadian product.  This beer was pleasant enough and met my requirements for a lunch time treat…I was still thinking about that Garrison Imperial IPA from yesterday.  This could qualify as a sessionable beer.  I had the Shepherd’s Pie … couldn’t help myself–Irish place, you know.

After lunch, we went to the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic (worth a visit) and sang some Sea Shanties and then went to the Oldest Public Gardens in North America.  On our way back down toward our hotel we walked by Maxwell’s Plum and decided to stop in for a sample.  I had a six-piece sampler and tried several more of the local brewery products … still focused on that Garrison Brewery (by the way, when we went by there today it wasn’t open yet, darn it).  Love those little sampler glasses … LOL!

After walking around town a little more, we ended up at the Loose Cannon.  We decided to stay there for the evening, have a little dinner (fish/chips) and competed in the pub quiz … we didn’t quite win! 🙂

Unfortunately, I didn’t try the Scotch Ale — I had a Guinness … not sure what I was thinking … maybe next time!

Beer Mentor

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