Halifax, Nova Scotia! … day 1

Today I’m in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  My daughter and I traveled here to see her off on a semester at sea excursion.  It also gave me an excuse to visit more pubs in Canada!  I’ve got about 10 places on my list to visit and only a few days to get there …

They are: 1) The Red Stag (Alexander Keith’s Brewery), 2) The Old Triangle, 3) The Split Crow, 4) The Lower Deck, 5) Garrison Brewing, 6) Pogue Fado’s, 7) Your Father’s Moustache, 8) The Loose Cannon, 9) Maxwell’s Plum, and 10) Hart & Thistle.

Today we put a pretty good dent in the list and hit #1s 1, 3, and 4.  Alexander Keith’s is the oldest operating brewery in North America (since 1820). Yuengling’s is the U.S.’s oldest started in 1829.    We took the tour (see the pics) which is well worth it if you make it to Halifax.  It lasts about 1 hour, they put on a nice show in period costumes, AND you get to sample the beer … a plus!

We then went over to the Red Stag Inn for today’s beer: Keith’s IPA.  As I usually enjoy a very hoppy IPA I had a small problem with this beer — I just didn’t feel an “umph” from the hops.  However, that doesn’t mean it wasn’t a drinkable IPA … I had some hop bitterness and wouldn’t turn this beer away if offered to me.  Especially drinking it at the Red Stag, right on premises.  It was a satisfying beer to start my trip to Halifax.

We also ate dinner at the Red Stag (late lunch actually) … and I highly recommend their Fish and Chips!  Next on the agenda was a short walk over to the Split Crow. This place opened in 1749 and was named the Spread Eagle from the Double Eagle on the German Flag.  It became known to locals as the Split Crow.  I had the best beer of the day here: a Garrison Brewing Imperial IPA.  An excellent beer–it won a Gold Medal at the 2010 World Beer championships … well-deserving. Ok, I’ve changed my mind — this one is the beer of the day!  Look forward to visiting their brewery tomorrow.

From the Split Crow we walked over to the Lower Deck and got there in time to enjoy a few more cold ones and listen to the live band playing — excellent music, great venue, and then called it an evening!  Tomorrow should be just as much fun!

Beer Mentor

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