Five of Eight Augustiner Beers!

Tonight I had the fifth different Augustiner Brauerei Bier (out of eight) available.  Augustiner is the oldest brewery in Munich … so far, I’ve had the Edelstoff (export), Weissbier, Dunkel, Oktoberfestbier, and tonight — the Maximator!  Yes!  I may be able to complete the cycle on Augustiner brews … I’m planning one last trip to Munich and maybe i can have the other three there …

Oh, the Maximator is a very nice Doppel Bock — interestingly enough, that’s two doppel bocks in a row (had the Andechs doppel bock last night).

From a comparison’s standpoint … they were both quite good and right in style … without having put them head-to-head, it’s hard to discuss any subtleties there might have been.

I had to drink it out of the bottle, but that didn’t change the flavor at all.

Beer Mentor!

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