#23 Le Bier Circus (#80) / #22 Delirium Cafe (#66)

Today found me downtown in the evening again … in Brussels.    A friend of mine told me that there are three places in Brussels on “All About Beers” list of the 125 Best Places to Drink Beer in the World.   I have a couple to add to their list … but that’s another post.  The three places are 1) Grand Place (did that yesterday) (#2), 2) Le Bier Circus (#80), and 3) Delirium Cafe (#66) (did that one yesterday, too … but doing it again today!).  So we covered #2 and #3 above today.

First, we went to Le Bier Circus for dinner.

I had a fish dish (I am in Belgium) which was made with an Orval Beer sauce (my favorite Belgian Beer!) and covered by Cheese from the Orval monastery (see picture). It was wonderful.

I followed this up with the beer they’ve had the longest on tap as my “beer of the day.”  It is La Chouffe–a blonde beer.  It, too, was very good.

I have to agree (so far) with the All About Beer list … Le Bier Circus, Delirium Cafe, and the Grand Place all deserve to be on their list.

Beer Mentor

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