Brussels — Beer … same thing.

I was in Brussels for business and found myself downtown in the evening.  Of course, with Brussels, everything is about the beer — maybe you can see the sign behind me here … but it says “250 beers of Belgium.”  That was just the start …

I knew I might as well get my new beer out of the way early … so I had myself an Affligem Brune.

Affligem is an Abbey brewery … although incorporated, the beer is still brewed to the traditional recipe from the Abbey.  The beer menu (see below) said Brune; this was actually the Affligem Dubbel — an excellent beer to kick off my latest visit to Belgium.

What made it even more special was the fact I consumed this nice beverage on the “Grand Place.”  Wow.  I will try to post another entry on this location … What more can I say.

Next stop(s): Delirium Cafe and Le Bier Circus.

Beer Mentor

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