Drinking a beer in a whiskey bar

Today I went down town in Stuttgart and tried to go to two places: Biddy Early’s (an Irish Pub) and Sophie’s Brauhaus.  Obviously, since it was a Friday night, both were extremely crowded.  (I will hit both of these places during the next few week to add their beer selection to my quest.)  Since they were so crowded I took my friends over to this hole-in-the-wall Whiskey Bar.

This place has somewhere in the neighborhood of 300 whiskeys (if not more).  The one I had last night was Blackadder 1989, 16 year old.  Wow.  Very nice… but the beer I had? Jever.  Again, a nice Pilsner.  I couldn’t get a picture — forgot my camera.

Here’s their English advertisement on their web page: The beer like the land.
Jever comes from Jever. And Jever is located in Northern Germany, or more accurately Friesland. Because here in Friesland our water is really pure and soft, we can add a little more hops when we’re brewing our beer to create the slightly bitter Friesian taste that distinguishes Jever Pilsener from other beers. Jever.

I do like the fact that this beer is a little hoppier than some of the Pilsners in this area.  More more flavor actually.

Beer Mentor

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