30 Days! 30 Beers? Yes!

This month has just zipped by!  Wow–as I expected, it’s getting harder and harder to find a different beer for every day.  I know I have quite the selection of Belgians in my possession, but I’m trying to hold some of those for real emergencies! :)

Since I have to take the opportunity to have a new beer when I can, sometimes I don’t have my camera with my to verify/validate.  Today was one of those occasions.  I was out for lunch and found a beer that’s been around since 1597 — yes, 1597.  Only 400 years + old.  I guess that one is good enough for me.  As you might expect, it is a Pilsner: Gold Ochsen

This beer was spot on for style and characteristics.  It had quite a robust flavor … so much so that I went back to this place for dinner as well and had a couple of more! LOL

Here’s a little picture of it from the brewery’s website … Enjoy.

Beer Mentor

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