Sanwald – Weizenkompetenz seit über 100 Jahren

The Sanwald Brewery specializes in Wheat Beer.  That is all they make.  They were purchased by Dinkelacker-Schwaben Bräu (around 1977) … however they have been making Wheat beer for over 100 years.  They have four primary beers — the Hefe, the Kristall, the Dunkel (the dark) and a Low calorie Weizen.

As you will know from reading your BJCP style guidelines, “These are refreshing, fast-maturing beers that are lightly hopped and show a unique banana-and-clove yeast character. These beers often don’t age well and are best enjoyed while young and fresh. The version “mit hefe” is served with yeast sediment stirred in; the krystal version is filtered for excellent clarity. Bottles with yeast are traditionally swirled or gently rolled prior to serving. The character of a krystal weizen is generally fruitier and less phenolic than that of the hefe-weizen.”

I really liike that banana bread flavor you get with the Hefe, so it is my preference.  You will see in some later posts that I also like to mix my Weizens with some fruit juices (lemon-lime or grapefruit … maybe even banana!) … that combination is called a “Radler.”  The German word “Radler” roughly translates to “Cyclist.”  When I lived here before, I rode with a group of Germans who would stop halfway through a ride, have a couple of Radlers, and then ride back.  The juice have a little sugar kick and the mix kept the alcohol consumption / content down.    Have I stated lately that I love Germany?

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