Canada’s 150th! Beer #4! Picaroons Traditional Ales + Central City Brewing

Time just runs away when you are always out and about!  I need to hire an assistant now that I’m retired.  haha.  Today, I’m sampling beer #4 in the Collaboration Across the Nation! beer collection.  The collaboration in this instance is Central City with Picaroons Traditional Ales.

I’m working my way from East to West and this was a difficult choice for me.  Geographically, Quebec is further east than New Brunswick but the breweries I’ve been sampling have been geographically correct East to West.  Next in line was Picaroons!  They make traditional English-style ales (hence the name).  An interesting note about Picaroons–this is not their only 150th Collaboration.  They have brewed an historical ale using traditional methods … see the link here.  I need to get my hands on one of these!  🙂

Ok, to the beer … to re-recap, I will be using the 2015 BJCP Guidelines to score this beer based on Aroma (12 pts), Appearance (3 pts), Flavor (20 pts), Mouthfeel (5 pts), and Overall Impression (10 pts).  You can see the standard score sheet here.

The Evaluation.  The beer is called RESTORED HOP(E). From the description: “New Brunswick was largely founded by French descendents and United Empire Loyalists which inspired the province’s motto “Spem reduxit”, meaning “hope is restored.”  For this reason, we have brewed the classic English style of an extra special bitter.”

Since the ABV is 5.6%, and looking at the description, this beer falls in the category 11C – Strong Bitter.

Aroma. A medium biscuity, bready malt aroma upfront followed closely by medium caramel notes.  Very low floral, resiny hop aroma.  Medium fruity esters (apple/pear) present as well.  All to style  (10/12 pts).

Appearance. A bright copper color with a light tan head — quite large with excellent retention.  Brilliant clarity. (3/3pts).

Flavor.  Med-high hop bitterness with a medium malt flavor (bready, biscuity) in support.  Medium floral hop flavor comes through into a very dry finish.  Bitterness and floral notes linger into the aftertaste.  Low caramel flavors blend with light fruity esters to give a nice fermentation complexity.  (16/20 pts).

Mouthfeel. Medium-full body with medium-high carbonation.  Slight carbonic bite.  No astringency. Low alcohol warmth.  Not creamy — crisp!  (4/5 pts).

Overall Impression. This is a fantastic example of the style!  Very drinkable, great aroma and flavor.  Wonderful balance for style — only mark would be that it is just a tad too carbonated.  Otherwise, great!  (8/10 pts).

That’s 43 out of 50 points bringing this beer into the Excellent category.

Thanks, again, to both breweries for producing a wonderful Extra Special Bitter.

Beer Mentor

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