The Birch Bar (Norfolk, VA) – A Great place to Drink Great Beers!

Back in December I was in Norfolk for a couple of weeks and I just happened to find this place – The Birch … how did I find it?  A sheet of paper with the name and the words “good beer” was tacked to the wall in my classroom.  Obviously I will be the judge of whether it has good beer or not.  haha.  So, I did what any self-respecting beermentor would do … I looked it up on the internet.  It received great reviews for beer geekness so I headed on down there!  Pretty unassuming entry way …


Once you get inside though … look out!  What a great list of beers they had on tap … check this out …


A Japanese Witbier? An Italian IPA? Craziness!  And this was a rotating list.  The young couple (I think are the owners) were very passionate about their selection, what they served, how they presented it, etc.  They really put some effort into gathering an astonishing selection of eclectic and unique brews.  This place is deserving of its rating and well worth a trip.  Now I will tell you not to go there if you think you are going to have a sit down dinner.  The have a very small selection of bar foods — but that’s not the point of this place.  This place is a place to drink Great beer … here are a couple of examples of bottles that the owner brought out .. fantome and kukumerla.  Both art house and worth trying just see the different brews being made around the world.


How was the presentation you ask?  No need to ask … always the right glasses for the right beers.  My wallet was quite a bit lighter when I left here the 3 – 4 times I made it over to this place.  I didn’t mind.  It would be very difficult to match the selection they had on tap and in the cooler (and you never knew what he might have lurking in the back … all you had to do was ask!)


Give it a go!

Beer Mentor

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