Turkish Beer (Efes) in Turkey!

Recently I was passing through Turkey on business … I had a little layover at the Ataturk International Airport in Instanbul.  Well, it was only appropriate that I find a nice location to knock back a couple of Efes beers.  I had both the Efes Dark (a dark European-style lager) and the Efes Light (a light lager).


The dark lager was drinkable–if I had the opportunity to drink it again I would.  It was a fair representation of the style.  The light–I wouldn’t drink that one again.  Terrible.  I’m not sure why … the normal Efes is pretty decent.  Oh well.  Win some, lose some.  But I’ve now had Efes in the country in which it is made.  Win.  Then I flew Turkish Airlines!

Oh, I couldn’t figure out what to have with my beers so I had a Caprese Burger … haha.  Pretty good actually!


Beer Mentor

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