#26: Cat’s Eye Pub (Baltimore) (#15)

A surprise trip for me today to the “Cat’s Eye Pub” in Baltimore, Maryland.

Jill and I were returning to DC from Atlantic City–we’d just seen Flogging Molly in concert at the House of Blues!  I said “Hey we’re going by that way!”  And, as usual, she said “Yes.” (Wow, she’s great!)  So, we headed to place #26 for me on the AllAboutBeer.com “125 Places to Drink Beer” list–it’s number 15 on the list.

I can see why this place is on the list.  Just from the outside you think “this place has character.”  You walk inside, and “Bam!” It is a definite throw-back pub.  Fantastic.  It has wood carvings, and murals, and model boats.  Everything you would expect out of an Irish Pub in Clipper City!  The mural in the pictures below depicts the “History of Ireland.”  It even has a printed description so you can read about it.

This place was voted a 2010 Best Live Music in Baltimore … as we were sitting there enjoying our drinks, the band started trickling in … the bartender told us these guys have been their house band for the last 25 years!  LOL!  Wish we could have stayed around to listen.  But on to the important stuff …

As you can see from the pictures above, there were about 40 beers/ciders on draft.  They had their own “Special Ale” which was an Amber … mighty tasty!  Here I am enjoying it …

They also had several of the Heavy Seas brews AND several of the specialty Sam Adams … the Noble Pils, etc.  Overall a very nice selection of session brews (Miller, Bud, etc) and a good mix of craft brews (and that’s not even talking about the bottled beer!)  I wrapped up my visit with the Heavy Seas Loose Cannon — an excellent IPA!

We both enjoyed the atmosphere and the beverages.  Afterwards, we walked around the harbor and took in some of the sights, like these mermaids.  Obviously, you have to polish the brass! <smile>


Beer Mentor



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