Trappist Beers Re-visited …

I recently reviewed my posts from my Trappist Thanksgiving trip.  One of the things I covered was the number of Trappist Beers available–I wanted to re-visit this topic.

As a reminder, there are seven (7) Trappist breweries.  I visited 6 of them: Orval, Westvleteren, Westmalle, Achel, Rochefort, and Chimay.

I had a list of the beers they make, but I didn’t give enough detail.  Here they are again (with better detail):

Orval (1) – they make one beer.  It is my favorite beer of all time.  An interesting thing about this beer is that the “wild yeast” used occurs naturally in the “Valley of Gold.”  It’s just a great location!

Westvleteren (3) – They make 3 beers: Westvleteren 12, 8, and the Blond.  I was able to purchase all three of these beers the second time I went to the Brewery (to pick up my two cases of Westvleteren 12).  You can purchase them in the cafe “In de Vrede.”

Westmalle (2 to buy, 1 “Extra”) [see previous post] – They are the Dubbel, the Trippel, and the “Extra.”  The cafe across from the brewery is very nice: Cafe Trappisten.  In my mind, this was the most “modern” of the locations we visited.


Achel (5) – There were only two beers available to purchase from Achel at the time … the Blond 8 and the Bruin 8.   Apparently there are three others, two on tap at the Brewery (the Blond 5 and the Bruin 5) and an Extra.  This was the place that had the most extensive store on-site–the best selection of Belgian beer you will find anywhere (I think).

Rochefort (3) – Rochefort had 3 beers available — the 6, the 8, and the 10.  I enjoyed all of these beers … the were very crunchy! <smile>

Chimay (3 to buy, 1 to drink at Auberge) – the three from Chimay to drink/buy are the Blue, the Red, and the White.  The one at the Auberge is actually a “Witbier.”  It is very nice…

Konigshoeven (La Trappe) (7 to buy) – I wish we had been able to add this place on our travels…but we just couldn’t get it done.  We bought six of the seven beers available though.  They are: Blond, Dubbel, Tripel, Quadrupel, Witte, and Isid’Or.  The only one I couldn’t pick up at the time was the Bockbier.

So, the total number of Trappist beers (I think) is 26: 22 to buy and 4 to “drink on location.”  You can see in the picture I have 19 beers.  I had one more on location and then picked up 2 more from Westvleteren — So I’ve had a total of 22 of the 26 Trappist beers.  I need 3 more from Achel and 1 from Konigshoeven–I guess this calls for another trip!

Beer Mentor!

1 thought on “Trappist Beers Re-visited …

  1. I have 3 boxes of Orval in my basement. Love the cheese and it’s the prettiest of the monasteries but not my favorite. I prefer the Chimay white and Westmalle Dubbel is my favorite dark. I also enjoy a Rochefort.

    There is some controverys over weather or not Le Trapp is technically a trapest beer since it is now a subsidiary of a commercial brewer.

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