#25: The Flying Saucer (Ft Worth, Tx) (#39)

My daughter and I had the good fortune of being near Ft Worth, Texas on 23 Dec 2010.  A perfect opportunity to head over to The Flying Saucer!  It’s always good to head to the original … this is place #25 for me on the AllAboutBeer.com 125 Places to Drink beer list.  The Flying Saucer is right next to the Bass Performance Hall — a place with a neat history and a great facade (see picture) …

Now on to the Flying Saucer.  I love this place!  I immediately joined the UFO Club in anticipation of completing their 200 Beer Competition.  The food was excellent, the atmosphere was great and the beer list was exceptional!  All three qualities I enjoy in a nice pub!  Here are a couple pictures of the exterior (sorry, taken with my phone … I forgot my camera)

Oh, I forgot, another great thing about this place is a very knowledgeable staff.  Here’s a couple of interior pictures … not the excellent German Sausage plates we had!

Finally, a took a (blurry) picture of the menu … like I said, this place has great character!


Beer Mentor

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