Mad Fox Brewery

In a previous post, I had mentioned Mad Fox Brewery and that I planned on visiting.  I finally did … I made a mistake on what beer I tried at the NoVA fest (I got the name/style wrong) but I didn’t make a mistake visiting this new brew pub: here’s their link.

As soon as you walk into this place, the first thing you notice is the smell! Awesome!  You get that nice “wort” smell from a brewery … I can’t remember what they had been brewing but it was wonderful!  The bar/restaurant setup is great — loved the atmosphere.  Folks were very nice.

Was able to get myself a sampler (and a couple of more <smile>) …

Their American Pale Ale (from the cask) was wonderful.  Highly recommend that one — also, the Kolsch is nice, die weisse bier, the 80 schilling, and the Porter were all excellent as well.

Definitely worth a trip to Falls Church …


Beer Mentor

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