Galaxy Hut! Great beer in a small venue …

So I subscribe to this “tweet” called “Beerspotter” here in DC.  They tell you all kinds of different things … but they recently had an entry about tapping a Firkin at a place called Galaxy Hut.  I just happened to be in the neighborhood (Clarendon) one evening and stopped in for a couple …

They had a nice selection of beer … and one cask-conditioned ale: the Blue Mountain Full Nelson Pale Ale … yep … this beer was a drinker … excellent Pale Ale.  I want to visit their brewery (soon) because they have a hop yard … see my next post (I’ll have some hop pictures of my own!)

If you are in Clarendon (Arlington, VA) this place is definitely worth a visit.  They are a very low key, subtle pub.  Great selection of beer … the food is good too.  For a nice quite, excellent beer hangout … give it a shot!


Beer Mentor

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