Stone Brewing: Levitation Ale

Stone brewing has that unique quality of producing really good beers AND the ability to make you believe all the beers are related and tell a story.  Their marketing is top notch, but it is backed up with excellent quality and flavor–my hat is off the the Stone Brewing Crew.

Today’s beer? A nice change of pace … The Levitation Ale.  This beer is Stone’s lowest ABV–but that doesn’t distract from the flavor profile at all.  In my mind, it lives up to its reputation; however, I find it funny that it is placed in the “Amber Ale” category.  I don’t think Stone calls it an Amber Ale but both of the more popular rating sites list it as such.  In my mind it was strangely like an East Coast IPA in flavor … which is fine by me.  I also found it funny that some of the ratings on Beer Advocate because everyone expected this beer to also be over the top.  Funny — it’s just a great Sessionable APA in my mind — and quite a decent one at that (someone must agree … it won a gold medal)!


Beer Mentor

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