Boulder Beer: Cold Hop

Had a preparatory beer tonight before heading over to the Hair Raid band practice.  These guys are a lot of fun, high energy, and I will be playing with them (one song) on Saturday at the Tortoise & Hare bar in Crystal City.  You’ll have to come out and check it out …

What was my beer?  I went with a Boulder Beer British-style Ale … Cold Hop.  This is a very nice ale brewed with 5 different kinds of hops.  When you open and pour it, you definitely get that interesting hop aroma (from the New Zealand hops) and then the flavor balances well.  This one (in my mind) is more of an East-Coast style Pale Ale … the malt flavor comes through more than you would think after an initial sniff.  The finish is nice and made me want to drink a couple of more … but I couldn’t cause I had to play the bagpipes … yes!

Beer Mentor

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