Victory: Yakima Twilight Ale

Made it home from my trip yesterday and looked in my trusty little beer fridge this evening.  Yes!  A Victory brewing company beer.  I like all the beers from this Pennsylvania brewery.  For some reason, they seem to get a lot of their brews right.  This one is no exception: Yakima Twilight Ale.

This is an Imperial IPA using (obviously) American Hops.  I find it ironic that so many of the East Coast Imperial IPAs have a similar hop characteristic to the West Coast IPAs.  I guess that’s why I like them so well … they just have that little extra hop kick I enjoy.  I’m beginning to think that hops are addictive … and I hop to see some medical studies talking about how overhopping beers is a good antioxidant or something.  At least I’m keeping my fingers crossed while I continue to savor these very nice brews …

Beer Mentor

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