Finishing my Halifax Pub Crawl on Day 3

Today we  hit the last four places on my list: Your Father’s Moustache, Garrison Brewing, Pogue Fado, and Hart and Thistle.

The first place we stopped off for lunch — Your Father’s Moustache.  I also got my beer for the day out of the way: Moosehead Brewings Clancy’s Amber Ale.  This was very similar to yesterday’s Molson offering … an amber style beer that is definitely sessionable and a beer you could drink every day. (The really great beer happened later in the evening …)

Since we were here to get Megan on her ship–we actually had to go to the Pier (Pier 20) and say goodbye to each other.  To console myself I stopped in at Garrison Brewing — right across the street from the Pier! 🙂

I couldn’t help myself and sampled their Imperial IPA again — wow, is that a good beer.  If you get the chance and you are in Halifax, I highly recommend stopping in at this brewery or at least sampling their beers somewhere in town.

Since that was about 2pm, I had to come up with something to do later … I changed hotels  and when I did, I found the largest Wheat Beer glass in the World (or at least I thought it was … check out the picture!)

I went to Pogue Fado for an afternoon beer (or two) and then went (on recommendation from the guy at Garrison) to Hart and Thistle to try their beers.  Wow!  Was I glad I did.  They had two small batch beers they had made that were amazing.  If you are in Halifax, definitely go to this place and try their beer!

They had two IPAs on tap: one they called Rosemary’s Baby and one called RIPA (Random IPA).  Both were excellent.  The Rosemary’s Baby was an IPA with Chinook and Cascade Hops … but flavored with Rosemary, Coriander, and Curacao Orange Peel.  Sounds strange, but this really worked.  I would drink this one all the time.  The Random IPA actually had 4 different hops … truly a Hop Bomb.  This one had Japanese (Sorachi Ace), Slovenian (Celeia), English (East Kent Golding), AND American (Centennial) hops … you might think it wouldn’t work.  Well, it did.  Excellent.  I wish I could have taken a few bottles of this home with me…  Here’s a final picture for  you … the image they use to show  you the men’s restroom … LOL!

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