Brewery Březnice: Herold

I was surprised by a friend’s refrigerator today — I opened the door to retrieve another Sam Adams Lager when I saw this green-labeled bottle behind a couple of condiments.  I pulled it out and peered at it (without my reading glasses) and was able to decipher that it was a Czech Beer.

Once I put my reading glasses on, I realized it was calling itself a Hefeweizen Lager.  This was an interesting concept to me.    Here is the website of the actual brewery.  Those who don’t speak Czech might want to click this link.  This brewery has been around since the 1500s, so you might think they brew some decent beer … you wouldn’t be mistaken.

Although I didn’t get the full flavor of this beer (I failed to pour it completely in my glass … so I didn’t get all the Hefe-flavor) … this was a good beer.  I would recommend it to someone who is looking for a change of pace from a normal Hefeweizen but still wants that wheat-character.  I will definitely be trying it again.

Beer Mentor

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