Widmer Hefeweizen … nice summer beer!

Today I was over at Sine’s Irish Pub in Pentagon Row (Arlington) for a military promotion ceremony and party.  I was also heading over to a party at a friend’s house and what beer did they both have on tap?  The Widmer Hefewizen.  I thought it only appropriate to roll in, sample some at both locations, and provide my feedback.

I like this Hefe.  It has all of the characteristics you expect from a nice German-style wheat beer — it hit the spot considering it was nice and warm today.  Is it the greatest Hefe? No.  Is it drinkable + affordable.  Yes.  Of course, if you are going to drink a Hefeweizen … my opinion is to go with the experts … the Germans.  But, if this is what’s available and  you are craving a Weizen … it works!

Oh, and I was happy to see the tap lines at Sine’s were clean!  Yes!

Beer Mentor

4 thoughts on “Widmer Hefeweizen … nice summer beer!

  1. Beer Mentor, thanks for drinking our beer! We really appreciate the business. I’d like to point out that we at Widmer Brothers do not make a “German Style Hefeweizen.” We make an “American Style Hefeweizen.” The main difference between the 2 are “German Style Hefe’s” have a clove and phenolic aroma profile and “American Style Hefe’s” have a more citrus hop forward aroma profile as well as a cleaner yeast profile.

    I will agree that the “Germans are the experts” at the “German” style of beer. However we feel we are the “experts” at the “American” style version! Regardless both are very delicious when made well!!!

    Cheers to Beers!
    Ben Dobler
    Widmer Brothers Brewing Co.
    Portland, OR

    • Thanks, Ben, for the comment. Most excellent. I will now need to go back (I’m heading back to Sine’s Friday) and try it with the American-style Hefe in mind. If you’ve read any of my other posts, you’ll see I enjoy the hop … and after reading up on this style I see that it is well-hopped!


      So, the beer mentor continues his education — thanks again Ben for bringing this to my attention! I guess I need to add a track (when I finally get around to it) showcasing the difference between these two Hefe’s.

      Man, I love beer.

      Beer Mentor

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