Win a Bottle of Westvleteren 12!

I am what you would call a little eccentric.  Yes, I’m a beer drinker, but I collect things too (like my Iron Man comic book collection … etc).   I collect Beer Coasters, Bottle Caps, etc.  Sooooo … I took a few pictures of my bottle cap collection.  My daughter and I laid it all out on my bar this evening … here are the pics:

Here’s the challenge — the first one to identify all of the Trappist Beers represented by this collection (hint: there are 21) will win a bottle of Westvleteren 12 (first is determined by date/timestamp on the e-mail).  IMPORTANT: There will be only one winner.  Send your answers to my e-mail:  I will check your answers and reply back to the winner.  Once someone has won, I will change this blog entry … Have fun.  Oh, here’s a high-def picture to use …


Beer Mentor

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