Sam Adams Seasonal: Summer Ale

I was in Jacksonville, NC, today and was having dinner at their local Chili’s restaurant.  I scanned the menu, didn’t see Shiner bock, so I decided to have the Sam Adam’s Seasonal — currently the Summer Ale.

I would like to say I enjoyed this beer … but I can’t.  I like the fact that their summer ale is a wheat beer … but the problem I had was not with this beer, it was with the dispensing equipment at this Chili’s.

If you’ve had plenty of beer from the tap (yes, I have), then you know what I’m talking about.  It is almost automatic when you get a whiff of the beer that the lines haven’t been cleaned in a while (see this article about this).

So, I know I usually enjoy my Sam Adams … especially their summer seasonal, but I’ll have to get it at another location.

Restaurants — clean your lines!  Actually, I probably should have mentioned it to them… next time, I swear, I’m going to mention it to them!  I had the same problem at a place called Bilbo Baggins in Alexandria, VA.

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