Last beer in Germany: a Hefeweizen

I think it is only appropriate as I head back to Washington, DC that the last beer I have in Germany is a Hefeweizen.  You may not recall — but the first beer I had on 4 November was a Hefeweizen.

So here I am 185 days later … and 185 beers later sampling another Hefeweizen … this one from Schoefferhofer.

This is a decent Hefeweizen … good flavor, nice color, sweet finish.  Of course, the best beer to finish out my tour in Germany would be one of the Schneider Weisse brews … but I’ve had them!  LOL!

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this tour through European (and beyond) beers — my blog will now continue with all the great Craft Beers available in the DC area.  There are also about 4 places in DC on the 125 top places to drink beer list that I’ll be blogging about (plus several other nearby locales).

With that said — I lift my empty glass to the fantastic closure I’m putting on this tour through Germany/Belgium … I continue to have the time of my life wherever I am!

Beer Mentor

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