A Polish Beer: Tyskie Gronie

Today’s beer (#183) is a Polish Brew: The Tyskie Gronie.  This is a brew from a brewery in Tychy, Poland —Tyskie Browary Książęce.  They’ve been brewing beer since the 1600s.

This beer has actually won a couple of Gold Medals (2002, 2005).  If you like a nice Lager, this is a good beer for you.  The only thing that stood out in my mind when I was tasting it was it seemed to have a touch too much of a corn-produced alcohol “flavor.”  Many times you can taste the corn liquor when they use adjuncts in beers — the flavor may have come out more to me because I drank this beer at a little higher temperature.  Even with this warming/taste effect, it was still a very drinkable beer.

Beer Mentor

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