Pull Tab Beer? Pearl River, baby …

Yes I’m still continuing the trend of 100 something beers in 100 something days … I’m up to 182 and counting…

Today, it’s something I thought I would never see again — a pull tab.  Here are two pictures confirming this:

What is the beer you ask?  Why, it is Zhu Jiang Beer (pronounced “Joo Jung” Beer) — or, in English, Pearl River.  This beer is brewed by the Guangzhou Zhu Jiang Brewery Co (which is actually part of the InBev conglomerate).

My friend kindly brought this back to me from a trip he made to China.  This was a decent lager made in the German-style.

Many times I disagree with both BeerAdvocate and RateBeer … I think the people on these sites either 1) set their expectations too high and are then disappointed, or 2) they’re too high-brow in their observation of what makes a good beer.  I agree with the All about Beer list (125 places to drink beer in the world) in that a lot of what makes a beer good is the location and people with whom you are drinking that beer — that’s why the GABF is #1 on their list.  Ok, enough pontificating.

I could probably drink several of these in one sitting since they are only 3.6% ABV.   I would probably drink them just to pull the tab!  Next thing you know I’ll be making a “pull tab necklace.”


Beer Mentor

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