Star Wars geek … and beer drinker!

Yes, I am a Star Wars geek … my friend mentioned this place to me (see picture) as a place to eat breakfast and I started laughing.

I had to explain to him what “mos eisley” was (in Star Wars geekness).  He is obviously not one … here are a few pictures of the inside of this restaurant … definitely a “space” theme.

Unfortunately, they didn’t have any new beers for me to try, so I went back to my Kloster stash … this time from Andechs.  I had their Doppel Bock.  Wow!  I had it as a Radler when I was at the monastery — this time I drank it straight and it is really good–right in style for a doppel, the color was very nice — good flavor, worth the effort to track it down and drink …

Beer Mentor

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