150th Beer? By Odin’s Tipple!

You better believe I’d have an excellent beer for my 150th!  I’ve been saving this one for a special occasion … and this occasion worked.  This is another one of the “hand-brewed” beers I picked up in Norway.  This one comes from the HaandBryggeriet brewery in Norway and it’s called: Odin’s Tipple.

This is a fantastic Russian Imperial Stout.  Wow!  When I cracked it open and poured it, it looked exactly like motor oil coming out of the bottle.  Ha Ha!  And I could smell it while I was pouring it.  Bam! Right in the nose the roasted barley … again, wow!  It’s 11% abv, but I’m thoroughly enjoying this beer.

Here’s what the brewers put on the bottle: “Odin, the chief god of Norse mythology, was a forceful but complicated being of many moods – the symbol of battle, victory, and death, but also of wisdom, poetry, and prophecy.  With this hearty, complex ale, Handbryggeriet imagine Odin in later years, when his victories on the battlefield were but shadowy memories, his reflections tended toward loftier themes such as life’s meaning and his drink would have been a deep, dark, and contemplative one.”

I think they hit the mark with this brew!  Get it if you can … and sit back and savor it.

Beer Mentor

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