A Double Hit on Norway! A Doppel Dose!

Here’s two days in a row with Norwegian Beers!  This is one of the “hand-brewed” beers I picked up in Norway–from the HaandBryggeriet brewery.

This is an imperial IPA … I know, right?  I love it!  I’ve been away from all those Imperial-style beers the Americans have been making … so this was a welcome treat!   The name of this one is HaandBryggeriet “Doppel Dose.”

I’d say it’s got a Quadrupel Dose of everything … from the Maris Otter malt to the very floral aroma of the hops, it’s a very nice imperial … smooth and worth the wait to drink it.

Oh, and I really like the fact that the label has fingertips on it — either to look like a hand is holding the bottle or to give you a target for where to hold it! LOL!

Beer Mentor

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