Moon Over Evenes

It was a full moon last night so I tried to get a couple of pictures … working with my wonderful digital camera, I managed to capture a couple of interesting shots.  This first one is a picture through the window in my room — you can see the reflection of the moon on the glass — the bright circle is the actual moon, the one that looks like the moon is the reflection … cool.  The other shot is from outside with the night time exposure on my camera — obviously I couldn’t get a good zoom — and it was about -12 celsius at the time so I decided not to spend anymore time outside trying to figure it out! :)

You may ask, what beer was I drinking while I took these amazing shots?  Well, I was drinking Mack’s Winter Party Beer!  This is a wheat malt based beer that was actually quite good.  Very drinkable — but I guess they mean for it to be that way.  A refreshing beer to drink after you’re finished skiing or whatever!  Pretty funny label — check out the pics.

Beer Mentor

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