A trip to Harstad, Norway

Today my friend took me up to his “hometown”–where his parents live.  This was a pretty cool trip — we saw some interesting sights (Viking Museum, a Church built in the 1200s, and the Liquor store!).  Here are a sampling of the pictures I took of this trip …

I’m not a cold weather fan, but this place is beautiful.  Wow.  The scenery here is just spectacular.  I did go into the Liquor store and picked up a Norwegian specialty–aquavit.  Aquavit means “Water of Life”–similar to the Gaelic word for “Whisky.”  Actually, I got a couple of bottles …

The one called “Linie Aquavit” has a special story associated with it, but the short version is that it is sent on a ship from Norway to Australia (in French Oak casks) and then back, therefore crossing the equator — that’s why it’s called Linie.  The thought is the sloshing back and forth in the cask adds a certain characteristic to it — I’m ready to try!

So, what beer would be appropriate to close out my great day today?  Well, how about the Mack “Arctic Beer.”  We are above the Arctic Circle here–I have seen the Northern Lights.  It’s only appropriate!  LOL

(Yes, I sleep in the same shirt every night) Ha ha!


Beer Mentor

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