Norwegian Beer?! Å ja !

Ha ha!  We got out today and picked up a few Norwegian beers to continue my trend.  We drove over to this “Community” (Evenskjer) to the Rema 1000 store.  Saw a really cool church in the village (yeah, that’s the moon),

and then picked up eight different beers to try (for about 40 bucks).  Yes, beer is not cheap here in Norway.

Several of these beers are made by the “Mack Bryeggeri” – basically, the world’s northenmost brewery — yes!  Gotta love it!

Today’s beer was the “Fatøl.”   Of course, it looks like it said Fat Oil to me, so I had to drink it.  Lo and behold, øl means “beer.”  I don’t know what Fat means, but since it was beer, I had it.  And it is a nice Pilsener.  If you get a chance to drink some Norwegian øl, drink this one. LOL

Beer Mentor

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