Success! 100 Beers!

Today I was going to visit the Schorschbraeu brewery and sample one of his BIG Beers for my 100th.  Unfortunately the weather didn’t cooperate sooooooo …. I went to the Porsche Museum again! LOL (this time I brought my Camera)

However, in their restaurant they did have some nice beer: König Ludwig Weißbier Hell

– so, it is a Wheat Beer for the 100th!  Surprise.  This one comes from the Kaltenberg Brewery in Bavaria.  (I’ll be having a few more of their beers)  Overall a pleasant beer with which to top 100!  Additionally, to make it even more special, I had a few friends celebrate with me AND I had my favorite pasta dish (Penne Gorgonzola) … yes, at the Porsche Museum.  Oh, we drank enough to make sure we had a good sampling.

All in all, a great way to go over 100 different beers in 100 days!

Beer Mentor

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