As I was drinking my beer, I saw its Shadow … dang it!

I was so hoping we wouldn’t have six more weeks of winter, but I ruined that by seeing the shadow of my beer today.  Dang.  Oh well, I will have to drown my winter blues with this really nice brew …the Kloster Ettaler Dunkel. My friend and I passed through here in the middle of January and picked up a six pack of assorted brews.

It was impressive on the outside AND on the inside.  This church was in the Baroque Roccoco architecture style.  Oh, and they’ve only been brewing beer here since the 1500s.  I guess they may know what they are doing. Ha ha.
Not only is it Groundhog Day today, but this is also my 90th beer.  Sweet.  Too bad about my shadow.

Nice.  This dunkel is a good beer.

Beer Mentor

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