Tiefenbronn — cool town, cool restaurant, cool church

Today I took a little trip to a small town named Tiefenbronn.  The distinguishing characteristic of this town is a church built in the 1300s … with an “Altar” made from wood and built in the early 1400s.  Wow … here’s a couple of pictures of this Altar.  It celebrates Mary Magdalene — and the legend of how she went to France.  Don’t ask me why — it was a cool experience.  There were several other “altars” in this church … and the stained glass windows were made in the 1300s …

When I went to this town I thought I might have to eat at a “fast food” place — called an Imbiss usually.  However, there was a wonderful restaurant right downtown and I had a wild game plate with red cabbage and homemade noodles.  Yummy!

The restaurant didn’t have any beers I haven’t had soooo … I drove through a little snow and …

…when I got back to the room, I capped off my trip with a nice brew.  I realized I hadn’t had the Westmalle Dubbel yet, so it was an excellent treat.  A nice beer to cap a great day.

Beer Mentor

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