Another Belgian Night! Wooo Hooo!

I went over to my friend’s house tonight and took a few of my Belgian beers with me.  This was the first time he (and his wife) had ever had Belgian beers, so it was a fun evening.   I brought a Westvleteren, an Achel, a Westmalle, an Orval, and a Chimay.  We had a rip-roaring good time capped off with some Rock Band – Beatles style.  Yeah!  Since this was my 80th beer in a row, I went with the “Chimay Bruin.”  Mmmmm mmmm … mighty tasty!

You may notice the pictures are in my room … I forgot to take this one with me to my friend’s house (LOL). I had the Chimay Tripel … and came back to my room and had this one … it was a Big Belgian Night!
Beer Mentor

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