Hobbykochkurs Schlachtfest!

On Friday I was in my former village hanging out with my wonderful friends at the Hobby Cooking Club’s local “Schlachtfest.”  Each year they butcher several pigs (this year it was 4) to raise money for their organization and the local Catholic Church.

This year I had the pleasure of coming back to the fest and continuing my membership in the club–for the first time in 10 years!  So, I put on my chef’s outfit, helped serve out the fresh schweinefleisch und bratwurst, and topped it off with a few tunes on my bagpipes!

The highlight of the evening was a homemade beer made by the cooking club — the Antonius Brau.  A one of a kind brew — and since I was drinking it at 1 am on Saturday morning … it’s the beer for Saturday!  I hope to follow up this post with some pictures from the fest.

Beer Mentor

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