New Restaurant … another New Beer!

Tonight I went to the new restaurant here where I live.  They had a very nice Czech beer — this one was a “brunette.”  Of course, as all should know, brunettes are my favorite … and this one was no exception.  This beer is called Krusovice … this brewery has only been making beer since 1581.  They are new to this! :) Apparently, according to this article, this beer used to suck, but when they went back to using regular beer ingredients, it got better.  Amazing!  I enjoyed it!

Just a note about today’s beer — it is number 45!  So, I’ve been able to drink 45 different beers in 45 days — this means I’m 25% of the way there.  There is a short period in the middle of my trip where I will be out of pocket (say 3 weeks) … so I am going to double up a couple of days and post those for the period when I will be out of pocket.  I will keep it as a surprise … so although it may look like I’m having 180 beers in 180 days, it may be 180 beers in 165 days with a little internet magic to fix it.  Sorry, it happens when you have a job …


Beer Mentor

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