Eurohop Hop Farm – Poperinge, Belgium

I had the pleasure of visiting a hop farm near Poperinge, Belgium.  This area is the heart of the hop growing region of Belgium.  There’s actually a hop museum in this city and a nice bed and breakfast called Hop Inn.  When driving up here to pick up my Sint Sixtus Abbey beer (the Westvleteren 12), I saw hop yards all over.   Eurohop buys hops from many of these farms and converts the hop flowers into pellets.  Click on this link to see some pictures I took on my visit.  The owner, Mr. Eric Lagache, was extremely friendly and let me have the run of his hop yard.  And the Smell!!! Wow! As soon as I parked the car and opened the door I was in hop heaven.  What a thrill to see this operation.

If you’d like to see his hop operation, feel free to email him:
Beer Mentor

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