Another Kloster Bier — Andechs!

Another trip downtown, another new brew!  Tonight’s beer was a German Kloster brew (see, I can alternate Belgian Monk’s beers with German Monk’s beers).   This is a nice Hell (light) beer from the Andechs Monastery in Bavaria.  Here’s how they describe this beer on their web page: “Clean malt flavor, gently hopped and fresh. Only 4,8 % Alcohol at 11,5 % Stammwürze, it’s a pleasant beer pleasure, a classical Bavarian country beer.”

Stammwurze is equivalent to the Original Gravity and directly relates to the Plato value.  For this beer, 11.5% means that the original gravity was about 1.048.  At 4.8%, the final gravity probably wasn’t too low, so this beer is not extremely dry.   I have to agree with their own assessment: this is an easy drinking beer that doesn’t knock you over the head!  A nice one …

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