Wrapping up the Trappist Thanksgiving

Here we are at day three on our Trappist Thanksgiving.  We started the day with a nice breakfast at the Auberge de Poteaupre and then drove over to the Notre Dame de Scourmont (Chimay).

We met our first monk — Father Edward.  He was in the foyer greeting people as they came in–such a very nice man and to our advantage he spoke English.  Apparently he and the Abbot are the only ones who speak English — so we were fortunate again!

After our trip to Notre Dame d’Scourmont, we decided to drive the backroads back (i.e., avoid Autobahn if we can) — so it took us all day to get back.  While driving near Anweiler (near Trifels Castle), we encountered an accident that closed the road on which we were driving.

We decided to stop in Anweiler for dinner and found out it was their Christmas Fest weekend … so my beer for today was a local Hefe Weizen made by a private brewery–Hoepfner Hefe-Weizen. I was fortunate (again) because this beer is only sold within 60 miles of the brewery in Karlsruhe to keep it fresh — and it was fresh.  This was a very nice Hefe Weizen; and apparently, in 2009, it won a gold medal for quality … yes!  You might notice in the photo that Craig’s drink is steaming … that’s because he was drinking gluhwein (mulled wine … the traditional warm drink at German Christmas markets …

Until next time!

Beer Mentor

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