Big Seamus’ Beer Force

To kick off my trip to the heart of Beer Country, I’ve composed the Lyrics to a new “Beer Ditty” … I call it: “Big John’s Beer Song” (to the Tune of the Air Force Song)… the inspiration for this is coming from an Allagash Dubbel Reserve. (update #1: Changed the name to “Big Seamus.”) (update #2: Changed the name to “Big Seamus’ Beer Force.”)

Off I go into the wild beer yonder, Diving down into the suds; Here beer comes zooming to me in wonder, At ’em boy, Drink with your buds! (Drink with your buds now!)

Down the side, spilling the foam all over, Off with one helluva pour! I live for beer and all that’s Dear, (Hey!) Nothing’ll stop Big Seamus’ Beer Force.

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