I’ve now lived in the Okanagan Valley longer than I’ve lived anywhere else since the 1970s. Haha. What does that mean? I’ve actually started getting involved in my local beer scene … moving every two or three years made it difficult.

Here are a few ways I’ve started to get involved …

  • I’m contributing articles to the local published beer guide … you can find it in local bars, breweries, and pubs. Here’s the link to it: The Okanagan Craft Beer Guide
  • If you want to follow them on Instagram, here it is: OkBeerGuide
  • I’ve started a blog about Beer in the Okanagan Valley (and a little more) — covering from Osoyoos in the South to Salmon Arm in the North … Here’s the link: okanaganbeer.ca

My Okanagan Beer blog will definitely cover the local scene while I continue to use beermentor.me to cover all my beer adventures!

I continue to Judge competitions internationally and will try to cover the BC Beer Awards again. This year I’m judging at the Prairie Beer awards in Saskatchewan (while proctoring exams as well).

I continue to brew on my new system with a definite focus on German and Belgian-style beers. I hope I can keep this up (haha) and you’ll continue the journey with me!

Enjoy a cold one!

Beer Mentor

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